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Hi there. I started collecting comics while I was in Elementary school. Transformers and GI Joe Saturday morning cartoons are what I waited for every week, and like The Dukes of Hazard, I never missed an episode. Then one day at the grocery store I spotted a comic book. It was an issue of the Transformers. It was about #8 or #9. My dad bought it for me. I was hooked. Over the years into the early 90's I collected various titles until the prices became to great and I dropped the whole collecting of comics.

Then in the middle of 2010, with no debt left to my name, I decided that I needed a hobby. I thought about comics again and went on line and started to search and I visited a few stores on line. I was hooked again. It wasn't till about 4 months later that I found eBay and a graded comic book. The rest they say is history!


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