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Hello to all fellow board and journal members,

In my youth I would never have considered myself a collector. I was a reader, a hobbiest, and an enjoyer of art. While I had a considerable amount of comics the idea of bagging and boarding didn’t come on until a few years ago.

I stepped back into comics when I returned home after a considerable amount of time in the Army and was simply looking to clean out my old childhood closet. There in approx. 25 copier paper box’s lay my collection untouched since I moved away.

I began looking through each to see what to sell and an old favorite and first comic ever read sat proudly on top of one of the box’s. Wolverine #33 featuring a story boy Larry Hama and Art by Marc Silvestri. I thumbed through it trying to scoff at the idea of why I ever held onto these things and after the first page remembered why. Because while women have changed, TV has gone downhill, the art and stories remained the same.

What went from seeing what to sell to assist in my sons and daughters eventual college funds became yet again my passion. Now after having stepped away for over 15 years I am back at it again collecting many of the old favorites and building collections of the new ones.

Past Favorite Characters Included:
Adam Warlock
The Green and Grey Hulk

And now the New Favorites:
And a few select others.

Currently I am looking to build a few complete sets of the Uncanny X-Force, Cable, Wolverine 1-100, Avengers vs. X-Men and a few others and am even dabbling in some original art.

My Holy Grail though would be to find the Original art from that Wolverine #33. I figure it will be next to impossible but not quite impossible.

Looking forward to seeing and interacting with everyone on the boards.



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