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A Spider-Man collector since youth, I began collecting a high grade run of ASM over seven years ago. I completed the collection and then sold it on Comiclink a few years ago..

In the meantime I became one of few collectors to own an entire set on 1976 Marvel 30 cent variant issues. While not complete, I own one the finest set of 35 cent variants known to exist. Most of these came from what I refer to as the "Cape Fear" Pedigree. Nearly 100 issues were in the collection and many of these grade at 9.0 or better with a number 9.4's and 9.6's. I remain 4 short of the full set,

In addition to the above I branced out and began to collect Two Gun Kid and Kid Colt Outlaw in the Western area. I am pribably a dozen or so of each title short of a complete rum. The Kirby issues, in particular, are diffucult to find at all, let alone in good condition.

I also have a complete run in decent grade of Amazing Adventures and Amazing Adult Fantasy.

I have a complete collection of the three main EC horror titles with many Gaines File copies. (Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror and Haunt of Fear).

Somewhere along the way I began collecting Marvel Romance Titles "MY Love " and "Our Love". I'd guess I have one of the best collections around of both, with many Oakland pedigree copies.

Five or six years ago I began an effort to collect all 100 issues within the book "The 100 Greatest Comics: by the latem great Jerry Weist, I got to about 90 and decided to start selling off most of those issues as I realized I was probably never going to own an Action 1 or Detective 27 etc. I did manage to collect a great many incredible books, however,

Lastly,I have spent the last six years working on a full high grade run of Four Color comics. Ir is a run of nearly 1350 issues and is truly a life effort. I consider it to be a significant part of comic book history. To date I have managed to obtain close to 810 graded copies and another 200 or so acceptable non graded copies. With 300 issues still to go I need more comics than the average person will collectr for nearly any other complete collection.


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