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_cantwh8C?'s Bio
'I'll get you.. My Pretty.'
*** ***
With SO FEW real, true friends, but THOSE HOW GREAT ...?
*** ***
(CS member, SINCE 2012)
*** ***
(First In The Top Spot), The GOATTS
(Greatest One At The Top Spot), The GREATTS
(Grading Recorded Earliest At The Top Spot), 'THIS ..IS ..A ..W-I-P!!!', an' 'Happy Hunting, Sports Fans.',
is what I write and say. *** ***
Many great THANKS MUST, SHALL go to the CGCCS, for taking our sport to a higher level. KUDOS! *** ***
Equal Rights,
Equal Justice, and
Equal Protection. (...take away
your .. freedom to say, 'No!'?)
*** ***
"What makes A GOOD LEADER is knowing WHO TO FOLLOW!" - ckw
'Lead, follow, or get out of the way.' - S. Redstone
*** ***
'_cantwh8C?' IS .. LOVE can't wait, see?


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