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I have been collection coins longer than I care to remember. At first it was just filling holes in the blue whitman folders. Everything was great until I went to my first coin show in Miami Florida. I was hooked! I saw coins that I never knew existed and it has been an adventure ever since. I have had to part with coins through the years because of necessities when I got merried and had children at home. Then came the certified coins and NGC collectors society. I read the journels daily and try to figure out where the next coin for my nickel of dime set will come from. I know my coin buying will decline drasticly after May 1st 2014 when I retire but the hunt will always be on. I have enjoyed shareing my passion with my Grand children and just wish my wife was more interested in the hobby than she is. Over the years she has just shook her head at "another coin buy" but after 44 years she sometimes just tolerates the adiction. When I was in Vietnam I managed to save some of their currency and that got me interested in paper money as well. Now I have settled in South Texas for the remainder of years God allows me to remain on this earth so if anyone gets board drop me a line and lets talk coins.
If anyone has a coin to fill one of the empty slots in the Jefferson series let me know and maybe we can strike a deal or a trade.


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Small Size Federal Reserve Notes

Set TypeRankSet Name%Note CountImgDesc.Score+/-Last Mod.Views
Small Size Federal Reserve Note $1 Set 58 Just "ones" 7210161 -80 4/19/2019301
Small Size Federal Reserve Note $5 Set 41 a few more 146212304 13 1/22/2018326
Small Size Federal Reserve Note $5 Set 6 ABES HIGH FIVES 97408329750 335 3/7/20201482
Small Size Federal Reserve Note $5 Set 19 Extras for trade 5623538449 102 3/7/20201232
Small Size Federal Reserve Note $10 Set 76 ERROR NOTE 5211264 -151 5/8/2018368

Small Size Silver Certificates

Set TypeRankSet Name%Note CountImgDesc.Score+/-Last Mod.Views
Small Size Silver Certificate Complete Set 50 Silver Fives 16631583 -6 7/5/2018934
Small Size Silver Certificate $1 Set 71 Silver Ones 20431365 365 1/11/2018136

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