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I have been collecting since I was about 7, when my mom would bring home two rolls of pennies each week and we'd sit at the kitchen table and put them in whitman folders. My grandfather would also bring me home foreign coins from his travels as a missionary-evangelist. When I was about 10 or 12, I started collecting seated liberty dimes, mostly because they were the oldest coins the local coin store had and they were cheap, generally about $2 each, which was about all I was able to save up each month.
During college and grad school, my collections sat on a shelf at my parents' house, but around 25, I started buying Modern Commems (which were an unbelievable bargain at the time--Jackie Robinson $5 gold in MS was $209!) and then early commems once I had finished the mods. I also flirted with California Fractional Gold for a few years, until the inablilty of completing the set so frustrated my obsessive nature that I sold them all (as well as my seated dimes, for the same reason) and with the profits was able to acquire much of the Early Mod Commemorative set.
Now, I find circulated 20th century coins relaxing, coins that have been used, exchanged, that have witnessed teh century and been touched.
that's my numis-bio.


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Continental and Colonial Currency

Set TypeRankSet Name%Note CountImgDesc.Score+/-Last Mod.Views
New Jersey Denomination Set 22 hardin-nj 3101262 262 12/15/2007718
Pennsylvania Denomination Set 25 hardin-pa 2101151 -150 11/29/2017736

Small Size National Bank Notes

Set TypeRankSet Name%Note CountImgDesc.Score+/-Last Mod.Views
Small Size National Bank Note, One-Per-Denomination, 1929 Issue 64 hardin-nu sigma 20100152 51 12/11/2018523

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