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In my opinion Neal Adams is the best comic artist to lay his hands on a pencil, hopefully by taking a little bit of time looking through my sets and the scans included you'll agree with that sentiment. His ability to bring a certain realism to the comics medium has yet to be matched and revolutionized the way comics were drawn.

My main collecting interest for as long as I have been collecting has been Silver Age DC Keys in high grade. I've also added to my collection the random High Grade Silver Age Marvel Key along with some choice Golden Age Material. I have a passion for Pedigree books as you will see. In fact in some of the sets I've decided to keep multiple copies of books that I am especially fond of which consists of Pedigree and non-Pedigree copies of the same book. If you see 2 scans of the same book look to the description to see which Pedigree the 2nd copy is from !

The 1st comic book I ever purchased was the reprint of GL #76 in the 80s with the new Adams covers. Everyone at the time was purchasing X-Men books, when I took 1 look at the cover I knew this was something different and definitely cooler. I honestly didn't even know it was a reprint until many, many years later, needless to say that book left a lasting impression on me and my future interests in comic books.

I thought of this idea of collecting choice Adams books in high grade in around 2003 and what started as "a couple books here or there" quickly became an obsession to complete certain runs in high grade. Hopefully if you spend the time to look through my sets you'll see the time and effort that was put into them and the decisions to solely put books which I felt were iconic Neal Adams material in the runs. For ease of viewing I have included scans and comments on every book, please take advantage of the Gallery function to see the books in bunches to fully enjoy his art (click on each issue to see enlarged scans). I've also included a couple Wrightson horror books just cause I felt they fit right in (I doubt anybody will complain !)

Enjoy and any feedback is welcomed !


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