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Started collecting when i was a kid and actually had a 1909s VDB that i got in change while working at a 7-11. While in college all my coins were stolen and never recovered. 30 years later i rediscovered collecting and started really with generic rounds and as i learned i got more into numismatics as well as sovereign bullion. In about a year i have amassed about 3700 total ounces of silver (this includes numismatics) and am growing out of my second safe. Yes, i am an addict. The way i see it, if not buying these great coins i would have blown it on cars of something else.

My favorite coin is the Mexico Libertad, both beautiful and highly undervalued. The collector base has really started to grow since i started collecting these (maybe its because i am buying them all) as can be seen in the numbers of coins being graded as well as price appreciation. Also, since these are so difficult to find in high grade i like the challenge.

The sets i started to collect are the complete ASE bullion in MS69 as well as all anniversary sets in grade 70. I then got into the Australian Lunar series where i have all in grade 69 and 70 for series 1 and 2. Although i never put a complete set together, as i may have them all are the Canadian bullion coins with my favorite being 2012 high relief that is little known and has a mintage of 10k.

Of all the sets i have looked at, i really love the libertad. As of this writing, i am puting the final touches on the 1oz BU 1982 - current together. As it is looking, with what i have already registered and what i have coming in from grading, it looks like i should take sole possession of the #1 slot.

I will say that i also like the older half dollar high relief commems like the 1934-38 texas as well as the Connecticut half and some other states. If i stumble on these at really great prices i will keep buying them.

Lastly, yes, i have about 120 morgans, not trying to complete a set but i may look at doing a curculated set later. Although the ASE program is so successful, i think there are so many more morgans out there that because of their commonality i have been turned off. When going to coin shows, it seems most old school dealers really focus on this iconic coin. This is not a bad thing, but there are so many more coins out there that need to be explored.

One bit of advice i can give to anyone looking to collect gold, silver, coins, numismatics or sovereign bullion is to DIVERSIFY your collection. This means, collect a little of everything and dont focus on just one type of coin, gold, or silver. If one portion of your collection takes a crap, another part will certainly appreciate. Of couse, you can load the boat on what you like but keep a level head.


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