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Costa Rica

Set TypeRankSet Name%Note CountImgDesc.Score+/-Last Mod.Views
Costa Rica 1902-Date, Type Set, Issued Notes (No Specimen) Costa Rica 1902- Date 496661032821 -820 6/2/2022142
Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1950-Date, Type Set, Complete Bco Central 1950-Date- 956763039284 -820 6/2/2022210
Banco Central De Costa Rica, Type Set, 1950-Date (No Specialized/Remainders/Specimen) Bco Central 1950-Date 956763032463 -820 6/2/2022273
Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1950-Date, Complete, Including Varieties Banco Central 1950-date 71119115054819 -820 6/2/2022262
Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1950-Date, Signed Notes (No Specialized/Remainders/Specimen) BCR 1950-Date 85108105043015 -820 6/2/202238
Commemorative Issues, 1971-Date, P241-Date Complete BCR Commemoratives Set 100141409316 0 7/20/2021181
Series A Banco Central, 1951; 1952 Issue, P220-P226, Complete, Including Varieties Series A Bco Central Var. 581414010256 0 8/26/2021113
Series A Banco Central, 1951; 1952 Issue, P220-P226 (No Specialized/Remainders/Specimen) Series A Bco Central 61131308627 0 8/26/2021107
Banco de Costa Rica, 1891-99 Series, S163-S166 FORMULAS BANCO DE CR 753101769 492 11/12/202133
Banco de Costa Rica, 1901-1906 Issues, S173-S179 FORMULAS BANCO DE Costa Rica 1901-1906 664302478 492 11/12/202133

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