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My father started my passion for coins, he would always hand me the wheat penny's he got while shopping. I would stash them away. I probably have 60 lbs of them not including my two Dansco books I filled. Well,only one is filled, including my prized 1909 S VDB.

My sets range from a hoard of BU Morgan's and Peace silver dollars rolls, which I haven't even graded. My Dansco collections consist of a complete set of Barber half dollars, Peace silver dollars, and Kennedy's not to mention the two sets of Lincolns. All ungraded in their own Dansco book.

The Silver eagle program ignited my passion for collecting again. Sure I have the quarter sets, both graded and many of them are un-graded. Heck I have more rolls of state quarters not including everyone that ever touched my hands. Can you believe I found error quarters in my spare change? I'm sure I'm not alone. Did you ever get change from a gas station and could hear the silver quarter?

Modern coins programs are wonderful, and my passion continues to grow. Will it ever stop? I guess I'll always be a collector. I always kept the silver change I got while shopping, I separated all of them. Everyone thought I was crazy at first, but with the price of silver lately who's crazy now? Will the same lesson apply to the state quarters? I wish I lived in a more populated area and could enjoy a coin show, heck they would have to drag me out.

Since the release of the Buffalo's in 2006 it has consumed my passion. I never thought I would have a set that may one day rival my complete set of proof silver eagles.

The most fascinating concept I can't understand is how my passion in coin collecting changes from one set to another, in a moments notice. I wish I had my Peace, Morgans or Barber sets were graded. I can remember collecting rolls of BU Morgans back when silver was 7.00 an ounce.

Keep the passion.



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