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I started collecting coins when I was 8 years old in 1969. I had two reasons to start collecting coins first my older brother did, and he was cool and second, I enjoyed counting and sorting the change from my Dad's service station business and he would let me keep any "old" coins I found.

Of course I started with Whitman coin books, filling up penny, nickel, dime and quarter books. One time in the early 70's someone paid for gas with a roll of quarters that turned out to all be silver and my dad gave them to me - I was ecstatic.

Years later, after college, I restarted the hobby by purchasing my brothers Morgan Dollars set, which started me toward completing a date & mintmark set. Those coins purchased in 1986 still form the backbone of my registry set.

Now 40 years later, my brother and I still enjoy our collecting, I target Morgan dollars and Gold Type for registry but collect almost everything raw. He prefers modern and toned coinage. But we still enjoy talking about our recent purchases and sales.


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