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Coin collecting is one of the most demanding and time consumeing hobbys of all time. The mint keeps producing more different types of coins and expanding the collecting world. Being involved in the NGC registry is one of the greatest expierences in my life. Becoming #1 at any catagory takes pride,commentment,stragedy and a lot of luck. I am like many people in here. I like a little bit of all different kinds of coins. I take pride in every coin in my collection. I don't obscure my coins,I want people to see what coins I have and I am proud to display them. I think people who obscure their set usually has something to hide.
I name almost all my sets Destroying the ????? competition. By doing this it pushes me to find the most beautiful and highest coins graded by NGC. It lets other collectors know I am a serious collector and makes people courious of what coins I have.
I have made many friends in here and helped others buy NGC coins from different sites and helped them start their own registry.
I know I will never become #1 in total points in this great registry,but hopefully I will become #2. If I ever accomplish this task,I will hold my head up a smile of this great accomplishment I bestowed upon myself.

"Some people dream of having a million dollar coin collection,and others wake up and actually work hard at it"
Paul Kiraly


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