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Having started collecting at a young age (7), when my uncle gave me some lincolns. That was gonna be my first goal as a collector, to get every one of them. I probaly had at least 90% of them when my collection got stolen as a teenager. After that I probaly didn't collect for about 20 yrs., at least not seriously. I wish I still had those coins, they were probaly some of my best childhood memories. There were friends of my dad that kept silver coins (by the box) and they would let me go thru and pick out coins I wanted. It was an even trade on the value dollar for dollar. The grade of the coin never mattered to me, it was the fact I had that coin. I still throw every nickel before 1960 in a container. My interests have changed, but my passion has not. I spend my little bit of EBAY BUCKS on coins I would spend real money on....


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