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My first love are the SMS coins from 1965 thru 1967

Please let me know if you have a coin that can upgrade this/these set.THEN my proof Roosevelt dime set,looking for up grades for these sets.Was hot for the prez. dollars set,the SMS coins in particular but collecting both pos.A and B IS A PAIN!mint state are do-able.Also on the hunt for high grade First Spouse Medals graded by N.G.C.
Well Ngc gonna and did it, starting in January 2017 PCGS coins no longer can be added to the registry said. What a blow to the custom sets what a blow to the more modern collector. NGC the lack of proof 70 coins will make it impossible for an upcoming collector to build a top set. I don't understand why NGC cannot allow PCGS coins for display only even PCGS allow this in their registry we collect coins for the passion and the pride NGC is now taking that from us, half the pool of coins are no longer available to us starting next year. I used the NGC registry because I felt they were open-minded that the coins came first. But it's clear it's the profit that's leading the way. How many NGC coins will now transfer to PCGS holders what registry will grow which one will get smaller? I'm lucky most of my sets are nearly complete but now I'm limited to only NGC coins to fill those few slots this will make my job harder
NGC claims that grading standards by PCGS are slipping I do agree NGC is a more consistent company BUT if NGC truly wants to be consistent they need to stop the book Raiders from getting over graded coins most top pop coins are coming from bulk submitters even the NGC graders will confess that they are more likely to give a bulk submitter at one point bounce. One of the few of the higher-end coins .NGC look inward before you look outward ,stop over grading bulk submitter coins you know the few the overgraded before you throw stones at other companies.


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