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My brother and I started comic collecting as kids in the 60s Our Dad would take us to the drugstore for the latest issues. We built a collection of over 1000 Silver and Bronze Age comics, and all were well read!!

I began collecting CGC graded comics in the early 2000s shortly after CGC started. Although I wanted to collect all the classic Marvel and DC Silver Age issues, I really couldn't afford it, so I started collecting Valiant comics, and especially Variants. My main attention for graded collectibles had still been in coins at the time, but I started shifting more to CGC graded comics.

In 2006, I acquired a CGC 9.0 Metal Men #1, one of my favorite comics as a kid. I didn't really add comics to the registry until 2011, but from that point, I become a true CGC Registry builder.

I also own a complete Raw Metal Men set and Two complete bound Metal Men sets. Some don't care for bound comics, but I love them. I can actually pick up a bound volume anytime and re-read through my Metal Men issues.

One of my favorite Metal Men collectibles is a 22 x 15 re-creation of Metal Men #1 in watercolor by the great Mike Esposito and Stan Goldberg. This is undated, but it looks likely to have been done in the 1990s. One amazing piece of artwork from comic legends that I will always cherish. I had it professionally framed, and it hangs over the bound volumes in my comic bookcase.

My other main set in the registry at 100% completion is Weird Wonder Tales. I loved the Monster Comics of the 60s and 70s. Weird Wonder Tales may be reprints, but they have great covers and are a very affordable set to build. They also have three 30 cent price variants that are extremely difficult to obtain.

I am retired now, but I am still working to upgrade my Metal Men Set when I can afford to do so. I have worked hard to build my Metal Men Set through auctions, dealers and hunting for issues to get graded myself. It gives me personally more satisfaction as a collector vs just a buyer throwing a pile of cash.

Eventually, my comic collection will go to our grandchildren, and I want to leave them with the best sets possible!!


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