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I have been collecting coins since the mid-70s although for much of that time, I only really collected currently circulating coins, US Mint issued proof sets, and the occasional foreign coins that family and friends brought back for me.

I started collecting coins seriously in the late 90s when I joined a local coin club and had enough spending money to purchase coins. The vast majority of my collection is foreign coins. I am impressed by the designs of coins throughout the world. I find that I learn a lot about countries around the world by what they choose important enough to place on their coins. My foreign collection is somewhat unfocused as I tend to collect whatever interests me and is within my budget. I would say that the coin I am most pleased to own is a 17th century proof farthing.

I have recently started to shift my collecting back to US coins. I really like the older proof coins; there is something that I find attractive about a coin with a proof finish that has survived without being touched for a century or more. I have also been trying to put together a nice US type set.

My goal for 2012 is to finish my CC Morgan Dollar Set.


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