William R. Davis Jr.

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William R. Davis Jr.'s Bio
I began collecting coins in the early 1960s with my dad. Some of our best times together were when he'd bring home a $50 bag of cents on his payday and we'd spend the rest of the weekend looking through them.

Of course, I placed collecting on the back burner when I got my driver's license. After college, marriage and children left little time and resource for the hobby. I restarted my childhood collection in 1999, concentrating on Lincolns and proof sets.

I completed a raw uncirculated set of Lincolns in 2014, and upgraded many coins in that set during 2015-2016. My next coin focus is to have that setr certified by NGC. I'm a Lifetime Member of the Society of Lincoln Cent Collectors. I have started my 11-year old grandson, Davis, collecting several denominations and enjoy sharing his collection with him. I live in Hendersonville, TN and am employed as an environmental consultant following my "retirement" in 2012.


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