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Tornadohunter's Bio
Hey You! Good to see you again! My name is Michael. I have been collecting comics since around 1984. I'm dedicated to preserving comic book history, mainly the high-grade books.
I started submitting comics to CGC in 2009. Books from my collection and books I picked up at shows. I really like the work they do and enjoy being a part of the collector's society.
Lately, my main goals as a collector are to have the best graded sets of....

1 Lancelot Link
2 Banana Splits
3 Sentry
4 Transformers Universe
5 Transformers The Movie
6 Peter Porker
7 Heathcliff
8 Marvel Apes
9 Planet Terry
10 Transformers (Marvel) Complete Set
11 Transformers (Marvel)

and complete entire sets of.....

1 Lancelot Link
2 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
3 Star Trek(Marvel)
4 Walking Dead
5 Godzilla
6 Transformers Complete Set(Marvel)

I have completed 14 sets.
1 Punisher (Limited Series)
2 Secret Wars II
3 Sentry
4 Transformers: Universe
5 Watchmen
6 Transformers
7 Transformers: Movie
8 Droids
9 Transformers (Marvel)
10 Walking Dead Survivors Guide
11 Transformers Generation 2
12 G.I. Joe and the Transformers
13 Amazing Spider-Man #1-25
14 Transformers: Headmasters

I currently have 83 sets in my collection.

I own



I was ranked as low as 191nd overall on June 13,2013 and now on September 12, 2021 187th.
I own 1006 books all together.


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