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I began collecting Lincoln cents as a kid in the mid-1960's out of circulation mostly or funded from summer jobs cutting grass for the neighbors. I branched into Indian cents in good to very good.

I took time off from collecting while attending college and sold most of my silver off to the Hunt Brothers in 1980.

I finally took a real job when I reached the age of 30 as an actuary for a mid-Western life insurance company. This allowed me to begin purchasing better quality and key coins from the 20th century series. My best purchases were a nice set of circulated Indian Head Nickels that grade an average of AU and is housed in a Capital holder.

I had an opportunity to move into the International division and that in time took me to far away places in SE Asia for the last 15 or so years. As I have gained greater experience and exposure in my career, I have been able to branch out into a wider variety of coins and I now focus on Liberty Seated Dollars and proof Liberty Seated Quarters among other interests.

I have always liked the size of large silver dollars but I was never a big fan of the Morgan series. I had never seen a high grade Liberty Seated coin until I bought an 1849 Dollar in AU. I was hooked on these beautiful coins. Never mind that it had been lightly brushed, the coin looks amazing. I have been buying Seated Dollars from auctions and Dealers inventories for the past 15 years. The highlight of my set is an 1858 Dollar in Proof 63.


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