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Not much to say.

While living in Japan I decided a Japanese gold coin would be a good addition to my tiny bullion accumulation. This, and a growing fascination with my pocket change, eventually led to a Japanese type set collection.

Looking online and seeing what more was out there to collect led to a brief fling with the OFEC (one from every country) concept. This turned out to be simultaneously too broad and too limiting in scope--trying to define country/issuing authorities on the one hand vs. just how was one supposed to settle on 'one’ coin each both proved ‘difficult'.

The result is that my current collections are a mishmash of too many foreign coins, not enough bullion and a smattering of US coins which I also rediscovered (from a childhood collection of cents and nickels).

My primary interests are unsurprisingly Japan and surprisingly Albania—a holdover from the OFEC as it was nearly first in the alphabet and I was woefully unable to limit myself to ‘one’ coin (and one government).

My other major collecting interests are medals of various themes. Themes are good.

Now in my near dotage I have decided to really step outside my comfort zone and work on a website to showcase the various collections.

The website is under construction, but can be found at


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