Gradually, Then Suddenly
ZIM57, 2006, 50 Million ZWN

Slot Comment:

2nd Dollar Emergency Bearer Check - AM Prefix $50,000,000

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Note Details


Set Details

Note Description: 50 Million Dollars 2008 - Wmk: Zimbabwe Bird
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: Zimbabwe
Note Number: ZIM57
- Sign. #8
Certification #: 8046943-079
Owner: Revenant
Set Category: World
Set Name: Gradually, Then Suddenly
Slot Name: ZIM57, 2006, 50 Million ZWN
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Where the balancing rocks are a major design feature on the front of the banknotes, with the checks of this series they appear only as part of the seal of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

This note is notable for the rather odd color mismatch on the front of the note. With the other notes in the series the note has a dominant / prevailing color that is used for most of the note, front and back. On most notes in the series all of the lettering and the denomination are all in this same color. With these 50,000 dollar notes, the majority of the note is red and two of the three times the denomination is printed on the front of the note it’s printed in the same red color. But the largest of the three is in a reflective blue ink that isn’t used anywhere else on the front or back of the note.

On the back, the bearer checks of this series feature different designs, emphasizing things of national or cultural significance, much like the first dollar banknotes that came before them. In that regard, these bearer checks are a bit of a cross between the bearer checks and the banknotes of the first dollars in terms of design.

The back of this note features an image of elephant at Victoria Falls. This appears to be the image used on the back of the ZIM4, $20 note of the 1st dollar series.

Victoria Falls is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls is classified as the largest, based on its combined width of 1,708 meters (5,604 feet) and height of 108 meters (354 ft), resulting in the world's largest sheet of falling water. Victoria Falls is roughly twice the height of Niagara Falls and well over twice the width of Horseshoe Falls. In height and width Victoria Falls is rivalled only by Argentina’s and Brazil's Iguazu Falls.

This note is one of five of the notes in the 2nd dollar bearer check series that I got for my birthday in 2019.

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