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Signature Set Detail: CMANBB

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Set Theme:
The end of the National Bank Note......1929

Set Description:
I've spent many years walking the boarse floor in search of coins. It wasn't till last year I decided to start a collection of currency, but was unsure of the type of collection I wanted. I decided on the 1929 National Bank Note as being the main focus for my collection. The 1929 NBN series seemed to be the most logical choice as it had many challenges within itself. There are many many different approaches as to what the collection can consist of, and with the different charters coupled with the 4 different denominations, the collecting possibilities are endless.

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Signature Set Details:

Slot NameSlot CommentCertification #Note InfoCountryGradePhoto
Weed, CA The First National Bank of Weed

SN E000001A T1
1087522-001 The First NB Weed California
$20 Small Size
United States65 EPQ
Charleroi, PA The National Bank of Charleroi and Trust Company

SN D000001A T1
1075864-002 The NB of Charleroi & TC Charleroi Pennsylv
$5 Small Size
United States65 EPQ
New Bloomfield, PA The First national Bank of New Bloomfield

SN D000007A T1
1008355-005 The First NB New Bloomfield Pennsylvania
$10 Small Size
United States65 EPQ
McKeesport, PA The National Bank of McKeesport

SN A000001 T2
1087522-003 The NB McKeesport Pennsylvania
$5 Small Size
United States65 EPQ
Brookville, PA The National Bank of Brookville

SN D000057A T1
1004162-012 The NB of Brookville Brookville Pennsylvani
$100 Small Size
United StatesAU 55
Pearsall, TX The Pearsall National Bank in Pearsall

SN C000001A T1
1005280-002 $10 1929 Ty. 1 Small SizeUnited States66 EPQ

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