Slot Comment:

SN: H00133523A
Pick 74s
Schwan/Boling 257s
H-A block with preforated SPECIMEN


Note Details


Set Details

Note Description: Japan / AMC WWII ""SPEC
100 Yen
Grade: AU 58
Country: Japan
Note Number: JAP74s
- ""A"" in Underprint
Comment: Previously Mounted
Certification #: 8005521-001
Owner: greysoldier
Set Category: World
Set Name: Allied Military Currency Japan Area (Zone) "A"
Slot Name: 100 Yen Specimen
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

100 YEN SPECIMEN.<br />This is a nice clean example of the H-A block A series SPECIMEN notes. Specimen sets of each denomination were produced from replacement notes, roll cancelled along the lower edge with SPECIMEN and assembled in booklets. The NET annotation attests to the remains of the mounting strip on the reverse edge as is common on specimen examples. This and all of the following Specimen notes were from a single Area A Specimen Booklet.

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