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Category: Confederate

OwnerSet NameSet ThemeLast ModifiedViewsItems
BenyMoonshine Ben's Confederate 8/23/2018 4046
fozzyholder Complete C.S.A. Denomination Set, Varying Grades Circulated and Uncirculated Paper Currency of the Confederate States of America (1861-1865), PMG-certified 8/23/2018 4656
Sygerson Confederate Chemicograph Back Exceptional Paper Quality
Mr. Arkansas Collection
8/22/2018 4546
Jason von Dinger Confederate Issued State Notes Notes issued by the individual states in the Confederate States of America. 8/22/2018 2431
Nickel_Dan Confederate Notes by Denomination 8/23/2018 2601
WDYates Confederate States Currency and Obsolete Notes Notes between 1861 and 1864 8/23/2018 35510
J. Anaya Confederate States of America Collection Confederate States of America Notes 8/23/2018 2611
RJAlger confederate states of america set Confederate Notes 8/22/2018 2651
mep719 CSA Collection 1 8/22/2018 2881
joseph.anthony CSA Examples CSA notes from 1862 and 1864
Confederate Bond receipts
8/23/2018 35510
DMays CSA notes 8/23/2018 1845
mechanix CSA_2012 8/24/2018 2092
dave63 Dave63 Confederate 8/22/2018 4120
Billy Blaze HOME SWEET HOME 8/22/2018 2211
longstrider Low End T Set 8/22/2018 431
KCBass N.A. Bass 1861-1864 Signed Notes Notes signed by Napolean Arthur Bass for Treasurer 8/22/2018 40315
NAT Nathan's Confederate States of America 8/22/2018 2261
green444 Obsolete State Notes from the Civil War 6/24/2019 481
Penny Man Pennyman's Chemograph Reverses 1864 English Company Straker&Sons made Rev plates for 1864 reverses, only to have them taken by Union blockade. 8/24/2018 646
Penny Man Pennyman's CSA note Contempary Conterfeits Contemporary Counterfeits amoung CSA notes found 10/18/2020 7019
QCB Q CSA 8/24/2018 3579
drums44 rwh 8/22/2018 6232
Chris Parker State of Georgia Confederate note Georgia, Milledgeville
$100 February 1st, 1863 The State of Georgia
GACR6B S/N 13070 pp A
Mr. Arkansas Collection
Choice Uncirculated 64
8/22/2018 3021
Numispro The Notes of the Confederacy All {T}ype notes including {CT} 8/23/2018 1702
Turnbull Turnbull CSA Collection 8/23/2018 2863
TMacc Uncertified Uncertified 2/25/2020 242

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