Fitzgerald's 3rd Series CNY 1 Jiao Set

Set Type: People's Bank of China, 1962;1965 Issue, P877, Complete
Owner: Thomas Parke D'Invilliers
Last Modified: 4/2/2019
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Set Description:
A collection of PMG 68/69 ten-cent notes.

This is the famed 1 Jiao (1 dime or 10 cents equivalent) series that contains two coveted third series CNY banknotes: P877b, the undisputed king of the third series notes, and P877a.

Despite their identical vignette designs on the obverse and reverse, these notes are differentiated by the color of the vignette on the reverse (green or brown), watermark (star or none),
color of the prefix and serial number (red or blue), the prefix composition (3 or 2 Roman numericals), and the general printing technique of the obverse (intaglio or lithograph).

And those are PMG's differentiators only. The sophisticated collectors further distinguish some variants by hidden watermark, printing technique of the seals on the obverse, and specific rare non-replacement prefix blocks.
Slot DescriptionGradeCert NumberScore
1 Jiao 1962 P877a69 EPQ 7023170-023 3162
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1 Jiao 1962 P877b68 EPQ 7058801-024 4261
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1 Jiao 1962 P877c69 EPQ 7031019-069 135
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1 Jiao 1962 P877d69 EPQ 8027461-007 135
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1 Jiao 1962 P877e69 EPQ 8028908-064 879
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1 Jiao 1962 P877f69 EPQ 7030690-047 135
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1 Jiao 1962 P877g69 EPQ 7021498-047 135
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1 Jiao 1962 P877h69 EPQ 7032215-013 135
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1 Jiao 1962 P877i69 EPQ 7056554-037 135
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