Set Type: $1 Federal Reserve Note - 2017 Series Set
Owner: STEVE R
Last Modified: 5/31/2020
Views: 372

Rank: 1
Score: 501
Leading by: 77
Points to Higher Rank: N/A

Set Description:
This set will cover the new 2017 One Dollar Notes

UPDATED ON MARCH 3, 2020 - The next notes to be added are 3003-C notes to the set.

UPDATED ON DECEMBER 20, 2019 - To add the following notes to the set D, E, G and I after the scoring is completed for the slot.

UPDATED ON AUGUST 7, 2018 - This set is base on the BEP last up date on 5/16/18 for the notes printed in March production report show that sheet notes were pull from a standard production run. At this time there are four runs of F6 series blocks, F/A, F/B, F/C and F/*star from Washington D/C. Also at this time there seven runs G/A, H/A, I/A, L/A, G/*, H/* and I/* star from Fort Worth.

I have six sheet notes Fr #3003-F graded at this time and one as a 67E and three in 64.

Just picked up the new 2017 Fr #3004-H and set for grading the week. The are back an will be added after the scoring is completed.
Slot DescriptionGradeCert NumberScore
2017 $1 Fr. 3003-A67 EPQ 1854387-001 45
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2017 $1 Fr. 3003-B67 EPQ 1743776-003 45
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2017 $1 Fr. 3003-C67 EPQ 1854392-001 41
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2017 $1 Fr. 3003-D67 EPQ 1744910-005 45
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2017 $1 Fr. 3004-E67 EPQ 1854388-005 45
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2017 Fr. 3003-F67 EPQ 1744907-009 45
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2017 Fr. 3004-G68 EPQ 1854384-004 50
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2017 Fr. 3004-H67 EPQ 1743772-004 45
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2017 $1 Fr. 3004-I68 EPQ 1854388-015 50
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2017 $1 Fr. 3004-J  No Note
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2017 $1 Fr. 3004-K67 EPQ 1854382-010 45
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2017 Fr. 3004-L67 EPQ 1743776-010 45
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