The Last Gasp

Set Type: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, 2009 Issue, Fourth Dollar, P92-P98
Owner: Revenant
Last Modified: 7/25/2021
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Set Description:
The third redenomination was announced on February 2nd 2009 - exactly 2 years to the day after the 2nd redenomination was announced and 10 years ago. The third dollar notes were demonetized at the end of June 2009, less than 1 year after they were released.

The 4th dollar (ZWL) was mostly a non-event however as, by Jan 2009, the Zimbabwe economy was almost completely dollarized - in this case dollarized meaning the US dollar, which almost everyone was using instead of the Zimbabwe dollar. Some people were also using South African Rand. In April 2009, the government declared that they would suspend the issuance of the local currency for "at least a year." This was effectively the final death of the Zimbabwean dollar. However, the final, official, complete demonetization of the currency did not occur until 2015.

While the 4th dollar wasn’t in circulation very long, the release of new 1-dollar through 500-dollar notes so shortly after the release of the same denominations as part of the third dollar series forced the government to once again redesign and change up the layout of the notes so that the new 4th dollars wouldn’t be confused with that all-to-recently-released 3rd dollars.

The 3rd dollars had used two small, square images to decorate the back of the notes. The 4th dollars returned to having a single large visual - like the first dollars. The 4th dollars appear to re-use the same artwork as was used on the first dollars, but with changes made to the coloring used, other design elements of the note, and what denomination the artwork appeared on. As a result of the layout of the designs and the coloration, in some ways the 4th dollar notes look like a cross or a blending between the 1st dollars and the 3rd dollars, with the front of the notes looking very similar to that of the 2nd dollar Agrocheck series (ZIM61-64).

1 Trillion ZWR (10^12) = 1 ZWL
10 sextillion ZWN (10^22) = 1 ZWL
10 septillion ZWD (10^25) = 1 ZWL
Slot DescriptionGradeCert NumberScore
1 Dollar ZIM9266 EPQ 8051666-093 37
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5 Dollars ZIM9367 EPQ 8087391-038 41
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10 Dollars ZIM9465 EPQ 1804775-033 32
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20 Dollars ZIM9565 EPQ 1803498-071 28
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50 Dollars ZIM9667 EPQ 8067710-053 41
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100 Dollars ZIM9766 EPQ 8051666-098 37
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500 Dollars ZIM9866 EPQ 1804776-013 76
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