DDR70s 1875 Nationals
1875 $10 National Bank Note

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: $10 1875 National Bank Notes
Grade: VF 20
Country: US
Note Number: 416
Seal Type: Red with scallops
Certification #: 2508047-011  
Owner: ddr70
Sets Competing: ddr70's Large NBN Type Set  Score: 2197
DDR70s 1875 Nationals  Score: 2197
DDR70's Lg NBN Denomination Set  Score: 2197
Date Added: 11/14/2020
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Keene, NH The Citizens NB Ch. # 2299 Blocky Script Plate Dates and Postal Locations (only on earliest BEP Plates--8 other charters for 3x10-20); White paper with two continuous horizontal threads PMG 20 minor repairs $10 1875 Fr. 416 SN 2689/K296098 pp A Sept. 25th, 1875. Cashier H. (Herbert) B. Viall and President O. (Obed) G. Dort. The Citizens National Bank of Keene was incorporated on September 18, 1875, and began business on October 1 of the same year opening to the public on November 1. The capital was $100,000. Stephen D. Osborne was the founding president, and Obed G. Dort was the first cashier. In some listings the bank title was in the possessive, as Citizens', but most omitted the apostrophe. The bank did well, and in various audits all was found to be financially sound. On August 11, 1924, A.M. Avery, acting chief of the Organization Division of the Treasury Department, sent this memo to the chief of the Examining Division: "The Ashuelot National Bank of Keene (946) and the Citizens National Bank of Keene (2299), Keene, New Hampshire, contemplate consolidating under the act of November 7, 1918, under the charter of the Ashuelot National Bank of Keene, and under the title of the Ashuelot-Citizens National Bank of Keene. Please advise if there are any assets of either association which should not be taken into the consolidated bank." On September 6, 1924, the aforementioned consolidation took place, the Ashuelot-Citizens National Bank became the title, and the Citizens National Bank of Keene was no more.

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