JV Continental Session Set
September 26 1778

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Continental Currency
$40 September 26, 1778 Colonial Notes
Grade: AU 58 EPQ
Country: US
Note Number: CC-84
Certification #: 1078150-001  
Owner: vtrockin1
Sets Competing: JV Continental Session Set  Score: 847
JV Continental Denomination Set  Score: 847
JV Continental Currency Complete  Score: 847
Date Added: 8/7/2008
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

This is the famous "All Seeing Eye" emblem that has been printed on later currency and has become the source of many stories and conspiricy theories. Here is where it first began. It was included in the Unied States Great Seal that was finalized in June of 1782, along with the unfinished pyrimid that is seen on the $50 bill from this series.
* This "All Seeing Eye" emblem made its first appearance on the April 11th Yorktown issue and was heavily targeted for counterfeiting, so owning an original is a true treasure.

Top and bottom border reads: The United States. Right and left border reads: Continental Currency. The denomination apears at right of the numbering space, "Forty Dollars", inset at right border, and in Roman numerals below the emblem.

The emblem on the front shows the rays of an all seeing eye shining down on what appear to be a sacrifical alter with a flame that is surrounded by thirteen stars, below is the motto: "Confederation". The eye is of God, His favor shining down upon us as our combined Colonies (the thirteen stars) gave great sacrifice by the deaths of many men (the sacrificial alter), as we fought for independence and the creation of a united states (Confederation).
This is the most powerful of all emblems ever used on our curency, as it boldly declares the inner belief that our forefathers had in their minds.

The nature print on the back is of carrot leaves. The paper, made at Ivy Mills in Chester County, Pennsylvania, contained blue fibers and mica flakes. Detector bills were printed on blue paper.

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