MEMEL 1922 - 3
50 Mark 1922 French Administration - Post WWI P7

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Note Description: Memel / French Administration - Post WWI
50 Mark 1922 - Wmk: Contoured Chain
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: MEM
Note Number: MEM7b
- Chamber of Commerce
Certification #: 1832180-017  
Owner: Evaldas
Sets Competing: MEMEL 1922 - 3  Score: 886
Date Added: 3/8/2022
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

France. Treasury banknotes. Territories occupied after 1918. Memel. 1922 Issue. 50 Mark Type 1922 Memel Notgeld. (Ref. Pick: # 7, TBB: # B107, Rosenberg: # 852, Grabowski: # MEM-7 or Kolsky: # 170). Dimensions: 150 x 93 mm. Banknote dated February 22, 1922. Watermark: Shaded chain pattern (Plastische Kette) or Outline chain pattern (Konturen Kette). Printer: Parcis, Munich. Front and back: multicolored print with dominant green and gray on the front and green, yellow and blue on the back. Description of the front: black frame with graphic patterns and the value "50MARK" in repetition. Green and gray security background composed of wavy patterns with a large rosette in the center containing the coat of arms of the town of Memel. All texts are printed in black. The value in figures is printed in black in the corners. Top center, the words "Notgeld der Handelskammer des Memelgebiets (Emergency banknotes from the Chamber of Commerce of the Memel country)". Below, the value in Gothic letters "Fünfzig Mark" and the words "Ungültig drei Monate nach Abruf (not worth 3 months after the end of the issue)". Four signatures are affixed in the center of the note: G. Petisné, Joseph Kraus, Berhnard Hennig, & Dr. F.J. Meier. Below, the words in French: "Authorized: Memel, February 22, 1922 The High Commissioner Representative of the Allied Powers" and the number of the five or six-digit banknote. The name of the printer is shown in the center outside of the frame "GEBR." PARCUS MÜNCHEN ”. Description of the back: floral frame comprising three frames in which are represented The cellulose factory on the left (Cellulose-Fabrik), in the center, a view of the port of Memel with sailboats moored at the quay and rafts of logs drifting in the port (Treibendes Floss). On the right, a view of the shipyard with the presence of icebergs (Schiffs-Werft). In the upper part, a white banner with the word Memel printed in black. At the bottom, a white cartridge containing the words "Notgeld der Handelskammer" and on each side, the value "50 Mark" repeated twice in gray and black. No specimen known for this post.

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