Sheik's Washington Portraits
1923 $1 Silver Certificate Fr. 237-239

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Silver Certificate
$1 1923 Large Size
Grade: AU 55 EPQ
Country: US
Note Number: 237*
Seal Type: Blue
Certification #: 2502186-001  
Owner: Sheik Sheck
Sets Competing: Sheik Silver Large  Score: 1041
Sheik $1 Large Silver  Score: 1041
Sheik $1 Large Type  Score: 1041
Sheik $1 Large Silver w/Stars  Score: 1041
Sheik's Washington Portraits  Score: 1041
Date Added: 4/18/2016
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

A star in the collection is always cool. I disavowed stars as a novice collector. I have the same attitude as I do to serial numbers. Who cares if the serial numbers are all 5's with one other digit. Even all 5's or all any number has little meaning to me. The "A1" $10 buffalo legal tender note is selling for $1,000,000!! Definitely super cool, the first buffalo ever printed, but a million bucks?? Same with star notes, they look cool, I like them on small size, cheaper notes because you can really beef up your scores on PMG's note registry but star notes really aren't that special to me. Sure, they are rare, but I would rather have a high serial number, non-star note with great beauty. However!!! Having said that, the large stars that are have hollow centers look cool. And to get one on the super common Fr-237 is not a huge expense. On the Fr-237, the star adds to the overall attraction of the note.

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