Nicaragua - American Bank Note Co.
20 Cordobas 1941-45 Issue P95s2

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Nicaragua, Banco Nacional "SPECIMEN"
20 Córdobas 1945-51
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: NIC
Note Number: NIC95s2
- Printer: ABNC
Certification #: 1539505-018  
Owner: Love Collection
Sets Competing: Nicaragua - The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes  Score: 1363
Nicaragua - American Bank Note Co.  Score: 1363
Date Added: 7/21/2016
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

The 20 Cordobas banknotes from this series were issued in 1942, 1945 & 1951. These banknotes were to continue with the same dimensions and design from the banknotes from Pick 67 (1929 - 1939 issues) with the main difference the words: National Bank of Nicaragua Incorporated being removed from the top margin.

These banknotes have a vivid orange colour obverse with a scene depicting the port town of Corinto. The reverse features the coat of arms with the 5 volcanoes in front of a lake in a dark blue colour.

These banknotes were printed by the ABNC (American Bank Note Company)

The 1942 series were issued under decree number 2 on the 30th of July 1943 authorising the issuance of 100,000 20 Cordobas banknotes with a face value of 2 million Cordobas.

With the 1945 series I believe there was 500,000 banknotes issued in total. There was an executive decree number 7 on the 29th of July 1948 that authorised 250,000 20 cordoba banknotes with serial numbers 0000001 to 250000 be placed into circulation with a further 250,000 banknotes with serial numbers 250001 through to 500000 to remain in the national bank vaults.

For the 1951 series there was an executive decree number 4 on the 5th of March 1951 that authorised the printing of 250,000 20 Cordobas banknotes with a total face value of 5 million cordobas.

There was specimen banknotes issued for all three series.

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