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1891 $5 Silver Certificates FR 266-267

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Silver Certificate
$5 1891 Large Size
Grade: 65 EPQ
Country: US
Note Number: 267
Seal Type: Small Red, Scalloped
Certification #: 1015395-004  
Owner: Ron Stone
Sets Competing: Big Silver 5's  Score: 3984
Date Added: 1/1/2018
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

The series of 1891, or "Grant", has nearly the same obverse design as the 1886 note.
While the series of 1886 notes came with four different U. S. Treasury Seals (small red plain, small red scalloped, large red with spikes & large brown with spikes), the 1891 note comes with a small red scalloped seal only.
The series of 1891 notes came with 2 different Register of the Treasury & Treasurer of the United States signature combinations.They were William Starke Rosecrans (served from June 8, 1885 to June 19, 1893) With Enos H. Nebeker (served from April 25, 1891 to Mat 31, 1893) and James fount Tillman (served from July 1, 1893 to December 2, 1897) with Daniel Nash Morgan (served from June 1, 1893 to June 30, 1897.
The reverse of the note has been redesigned because the treasury felt that it was too "busy", which would make it too easy to counterfeit. More open space was incorporated into the new design to help solve this problem.
Ulyssis Simpson Grant was featured on several different pieces of U. S. currency including the following -
15 cent Fractional Currency 4th issue.
$1 Silver Certificate series of 1899.
$5 Silver Certificate series of 1886 & 1891.
$5 Silver Certificate series of 1896 (reverse).
$50 Federal Reserve notes 1914 & later.
$50 Federal Reserve series of 1918.
$50 Gold Certificates series of 1928.
$50 National Bank Notes from the series of 1929.

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