Sheck_Shiek Small NBN
Small Size US $50 1929 Fr. 1803

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Ty. 1
$50 1929 Ty. 1 Small Size
Grade: XF 40 EPQ
Block Letter: FA
Country: US
Note Number: 1803-1
Seal Type: Small Brown
Certification #: 8053051-002  
Owner: Sheik Sheck
Sets Competing: Sheik NBN Complete Set  Score: 2106
Sheck_Shiek Small NBN  Score: 2106
Sheik $50 Small Design  Score: 2106
Date Added: 8/24/2018
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Gorgeous $50 bought at Lyn Knight auction. Knight's description..."An old school beauty. The First National Bank of Los Angeles in California was chartered in September 1880 and liquidated in 1935 after printing $45,469,050 of National Currency. The bank issued 10 different types and denominations of notes. The bank issued National Bank Notes during the First Charter Period and continued until the end of the issuing period through these different titles shown. The First National Trust & Savings Bank was assumed in September 1927 and Security First National Bank on March 30, 1929."

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