Sheik $20 Large Type
1902 Blue Seal $20 National Bank Note Fr. 642-649a

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: $20 1902 Date Back National Bank Notes
Grade: AU 58
Country: US
Note Number: 644
Seal Type: Blue w/ Date Back
Certification #: 8059262-001  
Owner: Sheik Sheck
Sets Competing: Sheik 1902 Type Set  Score: 1206
Sheik $20 Large Type  Score: 1206
Sheik's Large National Bank Type Set  Score: 1206
Date Added: 2/14/2019
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Date Back $20 San Francisco Bill. I expected a 40-45 for the minor corner folds. Pleasantly surprised with the 58! I have a few PCGS notes in my collection yet according to a well known and knowledgeable currency expert..." Remember if it isn't EPQ it can't be Gem at PMG unlike other TPG's who seem to think a pressed and doctored note can be Gem, even Superb without their PPQ moniker. Ridiculous and beyond the pale and the main reason, beyond the worst holder design of any TPG services, I abhor PCGS holders!!" Words from the expert himself. I will pass on all PCGS notes unless there is a sentimental reason. Never for attempting to complete a set...

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