Nicaragua Complete Set # 2
20 Cordobas 2007 Polymer Issue P202

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Nicaragua, Banco Central Replacement / Star
20 Córdobas RB2 2007 (ND 2012) - Polymer
Grade: 67 EPQ
Country: NIC
Note Number: NIC202a*
- Embossed 20 in Window
Certification #: 8055667-036  
Owner: Love Collection
Sets Competing: Nicaragua Complete Set # 2  Score: 135
Date Added: 9/24/2019
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

The 2007 20 Cordobas banknote together with the 10 Cordobas banknotes were Nicaragua's first emissions in polymer, these undated notes were actually released to the public on the 14th of May 2009. The 20 Cordoba note in the new series replaces the now ageing 2002 Serie A paper banknotes.

There are 4 listed variations as well as several other variations that aren't listed:
The first released notes which feature the serial number prefix A/1 and have the number 20 embossed in the transparent window, these are identified as the Pick 202a I don't have the exact figures but I have seen examples in the 14 millions range (I am guessing there was between 15-20 million as I have seen example of 202b from 23 millions onwards). The Central Bank initially put C$85.4 million Cordobas into circulation accounting for 4,270,000 banknotes of 20 cordobas.

This example shown is the replacement note for this same release which have the serial number prefix A/R and the same embossed 20 in the transparent window and are identified as pick 202r1.

The next variety is the the second release with the same serial number prefix A/1 but with the number 20 in white in the transparent window these would be continued on from the first emission from 15-20 million and onward. The replacement notes for the second issue have the prefix Z/1 with the same number 20 in white text in the transparent window, these are identified as pick 202r2.

There is some further unlisted variations that have been discovered on the 2nd emission. What appears on the later regular issue and also replacement notes is a shaded rectangular box surrounding both of the serial numbers. Also there was an issue with several of these later notes that the serial numbers were easily removed causing some confusion in a small town of Nicaragua that reported having many notes that had no serial numbers as the ink literally could just rub off on your fingertips! A fellow collector has also identified some differences in the signatures also.

The 20 Cordobas banknote pays tribute to the culture of the Caribbean on the less populated East Coast of Nicaragua. A modest hut from the "Costa Caribe" Caribbean Coast is on the obverse as well as a girl pounding grain as the transparent watermark. The reverse shows the traditional "Palo de Mayo" Maypole dance a traditional Afro-Caribbean dance that dates back to the 1800s.

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