Nicaragua - The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes
10,000 Cordobas On 10 Cordobas 1988-89 ND Provisional Issue P158

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Nicaragua, Banco Central
10,000 Córdobas on 10 Córdobas ND (1989)
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: NIC
Note Number: NIC158
- Ovpt. on Nicaragua#151
Certification #: 1858166-017  
Owner: Love Collection
Sets Competing: Nicaragua - The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes  Score: 37
Date Added: 10/19/2019
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

These notes were overprinted on the previously issued 10 Cordobas banknote. They have several different prefixes from FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF & FG and the replacement notes were ZA & ZB. I don't have any information on how many were produced but its quite possible there was up to 10,000,000 for each prefix (as I have seen serial numbers from 0-9) so quite possibly up to 70 million but an unknown quantity was overprinted.

These banknotes feature designs from previous 20 & 50 Cordoba issues. The obverse features Comandante Carlos Amador Fonseca that had previously been featured on the 1979 Series E and 1984 Series F 50 Cordoba issues. He was one of the founders of the Frente Sandinista and was killed in 1976 3 years prior to the Sandinistas taking power in 1979. The reverse of the banknote features soldiers marching from the Militia of Popular Sandinistas the same as seen on the 20 Cordobas issues from 1979 and 1984 (unreleased).

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