Nicaragua - The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes
100 Cordobas Decreto 25.5.1968 P120

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Nicaragua, Banco Central "SPECIMEN"
100 Córdobas 1968 - Printer: TDLR
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: NIC
Note Number: NIC120bs
- 2 Signatures
Certification #: 8065182-004  
Owner: Love Collection
Sets Competing: Nicaragua - The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes  Score: 735
Nicaragua- Thomas de la Rue Set  Score: 735
Date Added: 10/19/2019
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Owner's Description

The Series B notes of 1968 would continue the design from the previous emission Series A notes from 1962. They were authorised under Executive Decree # 35-AL on the 25th of May 1968 with a total of 78.8 million notes with a face value of C$512 million Cordobas printed by Thomas de La Rue & co.

There was a total of 1 million 100 Cordobas notes produced for this emission with serial numbers 0000001 - 1000000.

There is a variant of this banknote the P 120b that exist without the right hand signature such as this specimen example.

The obverse of the banknote features Jose Dolores Estrada a Nicaraguan National Hero that was in charge of an army that helped defeat the filibuster army of William Walker in the battle at San Jacinto Hacienda in 1856. He was featured on the 100 Cordobas banknotes from 1962 through to 1984, then the 50 Cordoba banknote from 1988, as well as the 50,000 and 10 million Cordobas notes from 1989/90. And finally on the 2002/06 500 Cordobas banknotes.

The rear of the note shows Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, the Nicaraguan currency's namesake. He was a Spanish explorer and the founder of the cities of Leon and Granada in Nicaragua.

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