Sheik Gold Type Set
1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate Fr. 1225

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Gold Certificate
$10,000 1900 Large Size
Grade: VF 25
Country: US
Note Number: 1225a
Seal Type: Small Red
Certification #: 1818693-001  
Owner: Sheik Sheck
Sets Competing: Sheik Gold Certificates Large Complete  Score: 3021
Sheik's "Old Hickory" Portraits  Score: 3021
Sheik Gold Type Set  Score: 3021
Sheik Large Gold High Denomination  Score: 3021
Sheik Gold Certificate Denomination  Score: 3021
Sheik's 100 Greatest  Score: 3021
Sheik Complete Set w/Stars  Score: 3021
Date Added: 1/7/2020
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

From a recent Heritage auction describing the 1225a...The incredibly rare "a" series of the Fr. 1225. Heritage describes a VF note in recent auction...A rare number for this unredeemable design as the Chambliss-Hessler reference reports only six. Also, the Friedberg reference does not value Fr. 1225a in any grade and simply states, "rare," not a surprising conclusion for a Friedberg number with a total print run of only 36,000 pieces. This example, with serial number E28328, is unlike the other two we have offered in recent years in several respects. Both of the previously offered specimens were heavily punch canceled, and each was quite stained as well. This example has no staining, and PMG's only comment is "canceled." The note was originally made payable to the Northwestern National Bank of Chicago and dated September 26, 1905. It was evidently held by the bank for quite some time, as the redemption stamps on the back are those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which of course was not established until 1914. Each of the other Fr. 1225a notes sold recently realized between $7,500 and $8,400, and this far superior example will almost certainly exceed that number.

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