ddr70s Large NBN Type Set #2
1882 Brown Back $10 National Bank Note

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: $10 1882 Brown Back National Bank Notes
Grade: VF 20
Country: US
Note Number: 490
Seal Type: Brown and Brown Back
Certification #: 5010991-004  
Owner: ddr70
Sets Competing: DDR70s 1882 type Set 3 PA and surrounds  Score: 1421
ddr70s Large NBN Type Set #2  Score: 1421
Date Added: 3/10/2020
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Norristown, PA The Peoples NB Ch. # (E)2581 PMG 20 $10 1882 Brown Back Fr. 490 SN 7014/T358939T pp B dtd. October 29, 1901. Only the third $10 Brown Back to be reported from this scarce Montgomery County bank. It is a well-margined and evenly circulated example with pleasing color and beautiful penned signatures of B.B. Hughes, Cashier and S.K. (Samuel) Anders, President. Kelly lists SN 7692/T359617T pp A which is 678 sheets ($33,900) forward from this note. Chartered in 1881, the Peoples NB issued only sheets of 3x$10-$20 for series 1875, BB, DB, VB and PB.

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