Revenant's Bolivares Fuertes Notes
10,000 Bolivares 2007-2017 Issue P98

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Set Details

Note Description: Venezuela, Banco Central
10,000 Bolívares 2016 - Printer: CMV
Grade: 66 EPQ
Country: VEN
Note Number: VEN98a
- Wmk: S. Rodriguez & 10,000
Certification #: 1741802-106  
Owner: Revenant
Sets Competing: Revenant's Bolivares Fuertes Notes  Score: 194
Revenant's Venezuelan Bolivares  Score: 194
Date Added: 7/11/2020
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

At the time this note was announced, in December 2016, it was worth just under US$2.50.

The front of this note shows a portrait of Simón Rodríguez. In 1791 – when he was about 22 – he was given a position as a teacher by the Caracas Council. Three years later he published his writing “Reflection on the flaws vitiating the Reading and Writing School for Children in Caracas and Means of Achieving its Reform and a New Establishment” to the council. He also, in 1797, played a role in the Gual and Espana Conspiracy - a pro-independence movement in Colonial Venezuela, inspired by the French Revolution and led by José María España and Manuel Gual - and was forced in to exile for it.

He went to Kingston Jamaica and started using the name “Samuel Robinson.” He went on to the United States and then on to France in 1801, reconnecting there with Simon Bolivar – a former student - in 1804. They traveled across Europe together for a time and witnessed the coronation of Napolean in Milan.

From 1806 to 1823, while Miranda and Bolivar were fighting to overthrow Spain in Latin America, he lived in various places in Europe, worked in industrial chemistry, studied literature, learned languages and directed a school in Russia.

He returned to Latin America in 1823 and set up a workshop-school in 1824 in Colombia. He then went to serve as “Director of Public Education, Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Arts” and “Director of Mines, Agriculture and Public Roads” in Bolivia for Simon Bolivar. From 1826 on he lived the rest of his life as an educator and writer, living in various places in Latin America.

The back of this note shows a Spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatos) with Laguna Santo Cristo at Sierra Nevada National Park in the background. Spectacled bears are the only surviving species of bear native to South America, and the only surviving member of the subfamily Tremarctinae. The species is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN because of habitat loss. It is the largest land carnivore in the Andes Mountains – with males weighing about 100-200 kg - but meat is only about 5% of what it eats. Males average 115 kg with females averaging only 65 kg.

They tend to be solitary and isolated creatures. They are tree climbers, make their homes / beds in trees, and will often flee up a tree when confronted with humans. They usually do not attack unless threatened or cubs are threatened and there’s only been one report a human being killed by one – after the bear had already been shot by the people it attacked.

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