Imperial Japan AMC
100 Yen ND (1945) P75*

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Japan Replacement / Star
100 Yen SB267r ND (1945)
Grade: XF 40
Country: JAP
Note Number: JAP75*
- "B" in Unpt.
Certification #: 2511473-013  
Owner: RedWolfWhiteEagle
Sets Competing: Imperial Japan AMC  Score: 381
Imperial Allied Millitary Currency Set  Score: 381
Date Added: 10/27/2020
Research: See PMG's Census Report for this Note

Owner's Description

Obverse: Leafy designs.
Obverse Color: Black and Dark Blue on Light Blue leafy and wavy under-print
Reverse: Leafy designs.
Reverse Colors: Dark Brown on Light Brown.
Type: Remainder/Star note
Issuer: Allied Military Command.
Printer: majority of the notes were printed by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and some were printed by the Japanese Ministry of Finance
Date of first issue: 1945
Material: Cotton paper
Usage: Following the end of World War II, the US military used a separate scrip called "A type yen" while "B type yen" were only used by the local civilians. Beginning in 1948, the A type yen was deprecated, and B type yen came to be used by military and civilians alike.

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