SS National's - New London,CT Ch# 978 Ty. 1 (set 1)
Small Size US $20 1929 Fr. 1802

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Note Details

Set Details

Note Description: Ty. 1
$20 1929 Ty. 1 Small Size
Grade: VF 20
Block Letter: BA
Country: US
Note Number: 1802-1
Seal Type: Small Brown
Certification #: 1192768-008  
Owner: MCrup1
Sets Competing: SS National's - New London,CT Ch# 978 Ty. 1 (set 1)  Score: 304
SS National's - New London,CT Ch# 978  Score: 304
Date Added: 4/28/2011
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Owner's Description

S/N B000063A

Low serial number on this $20 note from a historic 19th century whaling town.The National Whaling Bank of New London, Connecticut, was established in 1833, acquired its national charter in 1864 and passed out of existence in February 1943. Founded by a group of whaling men, it remained a conservative institution with a conservative clientele. Thirty accounts constituted about 80 percent of the deposits, while many of the smaller stockholders were descendants of the original incorporators.

Only four presidents guided the institution. Coddington Billings was the first, followed by Sebastian Lawrence, Belton Copp, and finally Harold G. Pond. The bank, third oldest in New London, functioned as a small commercial institution; the bulk of its interbanking activity was with New York and Boston banks. Only the very earliest printed Type 1 notes feature the signature of bank president Belton Copp. The later Type 1 and all Type 2 have the signature of Harold G. Pond, who served as the bank cashier under president Belton Copp.

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