Note Scores
Set: Ukrainian National Bank, 1991-Date, Issued Notes, Complete, Including Varieties
Slot: 50 Hryven 1994-98 ND and Dated Issue P113b
Note DescriptionPrAgGVGFVFVF EPQ4040 EPQ4545 EPQ5050 EPQ5353 EPQ5555 EPQ5858 EPQ6060 EPQ6161 EPQ6262 EPQ6363_EPQ64 EPQ65 EPQ66 EPQ67 EPQ68 EPQ69 EPQ70 EPQ
ND (1996)
- Wmk: M. Hrushevskiy
4367650 Hryven 1994-98 ND and Dated Issue UKE113b  212223234244258261268272282286295299308312320324333338348348375385416437448471511593695