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In 1977, Djibouti (officially the Republic of Djibouti) came into being as the successor country to the French Territory of the Afars and Issas which, itself, was the successor country to French Somaliland. Named after its eponymous capital city, Djibouti is located on the coast of the Horn of Africa. It’s bordered by Eritrea to the north, Somalia to the south, Ethiopia to the west, and the Gulf of Aden to the east.

Djibouti’s paper money is denominated in the Djiboutian franc. (One US dollar equals approximately 178 francs.)

The initial series of notes, comprising the 1979-1991 issues (P36-P41), was issued by the Banque Nationale de Djibouti. In 2000, the bank changed its name to Banque Centrale de Djibouti and all subsequent issues (P42-P45) were printed using the new bank name.

All of Djibouti’s notes feature colorful portrayals of its people, flora and fauna, and architecture. This is a relatively easy set to assemble as all notes are readily available. The key note is the first-issue 10,000 francs (P39). It is also the most attractive (and expensive). This set offers everything you would hope to see in a post-French colonial note collection.
Slot DescriptionGradeCert NumberScore
500 Francs 1979;1984 ND Issue P3667 EPQ 8086436-071 175
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1000 Francs 1979;1984 ND Issue P3768 EPQ 2076379-062 201
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5000 Francs 1979;1984 ND Issue P3868 EPQ 2078181-032 482
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10,000 Francs 1979;1984 ND Issue P3967 EPQ 2079330-051 703
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2000 Francs 1997;1999 ND Issue P4068 EPQ 1963289-035 255
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10,000 Francs 1997;1999 ND Issue P4168 EPQ 1963291-060 631
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1000 Francs 2002 ND Issue P4268 EPQ 8086439-089 684
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5000 Francs 2002 ND Issue P4368 EPQ 2076818-030 345
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5000 Francs 2002 ND Issue P4468 EPQ 2076818-028 345
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10,000 Francs 2002 ND Issue P4568 EPQ 8086437-004 517
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40 Francs 2017 Commemorative Issue P4667 EPQ 1960458-024 50
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