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Category: Nationals

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Tribune Solutions $10 Various varieties of $10 notes 8/24/2018 1713
BJJones $100Billy J. Jones T-Bill 2006 Benjamin Franklin Money the same thing. 9/8/2020 871
Jaybird1225 1 dollar notes 8/22/2018 3721
ddr70 1882 Nationals Sub Types with Group Number The "Circus Poster" layout is the most eye catching and collectible design in the $5 Brown Back series of 1882. In almost all cases, by the time $5 Date Backs were first issued in 1908, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing had retired the plates with the fancy "circus poster" layouts and were supplying the banks with notes carrying a more generic title layout. Another layout is the cigar box label design, also eye-catching and very tough to find on Date Backs. There are many other differences in designs a bit more subtle that do not receive a separate Fr #, nor a 10X boost in price! 11/27/2021 83634
ddr70 1882 Value Backs and 1902 PBs with anachronistic clauses or legends With the expiration of the Aldrich-Vreeland Act which had been in effect since May 30, 1908, National Banks were not permitted after 1915 to pledge “other securities” but once again could use only U.S. bonds to secure their currency. In 1908, new note types were issued to mark this legal revision (i.e., 1902 Red Seals replaced by Blue Seals with Date Backs; 1882 series Brown Backs replaced by 1882 Date Backs), and this was done so that a quick visual distinction could be made between those notes pledged with “other securities” and those pledged only with U.S. bonds. Whereas in 1908, all face plates in use had religiously been altered by adding “other securities,” the removal of this clause on notes issued after 1915 was only haphazard. Consequently, a certain volume of currency was issued from 1915 to 1929 bearing the anachronistic legend, “Secured by United States bonds or other securities.” Series 1902 Plain Back notes of this period are considered scarcer than those without the expression “other securities.” However, Series 1882 Value backs replaced 1882 Date Backs after June 30, 1915, but "other Securities" was removed and replaced by "Deposited with the US Treasury" only in cases where a new plate was made. From about 1902 until 1924 Geographical Letters NESMWP indicate the bank's region and helped treasury sort redeemed currency. So, this set will have plain backs with "other securities" in the legend, but no letter. This is much easier to spot compared to looking up print/issue dates by treasury serial numbers. 4/8/2021 17232
Manuel Balladares M.D. 20 Dollars Serie B57950228B 1934D 8/22/2018 3311
ddr70 A - Z set Large Size Nationals Set with town names from A to Z Large size only Need: X Z in PMG holders and I'm done! 6/20/2020 28826
derrbrad Abilene, Texas Nationals From Abilene, Texas 3/3/2020 1389
D. L. Tyler African-American National Banks These are notes from two of the three Black-owned or operated national banks. 7/5/2023 11410
ajaloohuviline all for sale 4/3/2023 183
JohnRi All I can afford! America 4/14/2023 1313
ddr70 A-Z Set #2 Small 1929 Goal is to make this small size 1929 Ty I or II Set with town names from A to Z 10/10/2020 40325
Navaneeth Banco Central del Uruguay 9/6/2022 221
CDN65 Bank of Canada without Replacements Bank of Canada notes with variations but without replacements 12/22/2022 161
mikett91 Banknote Collection 8/22/2018 44023
sby999 Beaver County, PA - National Bank Notes A collection of Nationals from the banks of Beaver County, PA. 7/4/2022 2428
Bennett Bennett's Mixed Morgans 8/22/2018 488127
prepconia Big Dollars 8/22/2018 4801
Thomas.Bowers Black History Notes Black History Notes 8/4/2022 192
ddr70 Block letters on Series 1902 Large Size Nat'ls $10s and $20s (pre Aug 22, 1925) 10s and 20s sorted by block letters with back plate numbers. For $10s issued in sheets of 4x$10, look at the end of the set and look for a leading 4x when viewing the Set Listing. Ten dollar notes from 4x$10 sheets will typically have an out of place BP number compared to a similar treasury serial number for a note from a 3x$10-$20 sheet [4x$10 sheets never got past Y- block with BPs topping out around 152]. The point? In cases where a bank issued both sheets of 4x$10s and 3x$10-$20s, you can sometimes tell from the BP which type of sheet it was from [more important for DBs]. Prefix/suffix letters used for series 1902 notes: A, B, D, E, H, K, M, N, R, T, U, V, X, Y, Z ; (Note: Series 1882 BB same except did not use M and Series 1882 DBs did use M) 2/13/2023 1,42091
ddr70 Block letters on Series 1902 Large Size Nat'ls $5 Notes (pre Aug 22, 1925) Block Letter and BP study of my $5 Series of 1902 Nationals. My highest Treasury Block letter combos: Red Seal N- with back plate of 142 Date Back KB with back plate of 374, but I have an EB Block with BP 421 Plain Back AK with back plate of 1221 6/17/2021 13947
markmalcampo Central Bank of the Philippines Notes released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 1949-present 8/22/2018 3433
Sheik Sheck Ch #6301 Mellon Signatures Any note from Ch #6301 from Pittsburgh, PA. Red seals or blue, as long as one of the Mellon family has a signature on the note. 1/29/2020 1726
Cody71086 Chicago 1929 Small Size National Bank Notes - By Charter This set will consist of one note from each of the Chicago proper banks that issued small size. Many in currency collecting think "common" when they hear Chicago, but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, if census figures are correct, only THREE complete sets by charter can be completed as The Austin National Bank only has 3 known small size notes! 10/23/2020 77328
Cody71086 Chicago 1929 Small Size National Bank Notes - By Charter and Denomination 2/12/2021 66087
yanzhiqiang CHINA 3/1/2020 941
Jason Dai China/People’s Republic 5 Joao Without Wmk 2th RMB 5 Jiao from 1953 y S/N:2786650 Block 169 -Without Wmk 6/16/2019 1185
lizhen_jn Chinese 1980 edition 10 yuan misprinted banknotes The fourth set of RMB wrong currency PMG rating coins. 1980 version of RMB misprinted banknotes, missed, overprinted, folded, spiral imprinted, vertical pattern imprinted. The PMG package score is 55 points, "the head is misprinted". PMG official website inquiry number: 1940400-001 2/19/2020 1201
ddr70 Citizens National Banks This signature set captures my collection of national bank notes with Citizen in their title. Question: are there any towns named Citizen that chartered a national bank? Waynesboro is the only one posted so far that didn't feel the need to put a "the" in front of Citizens... Stay tuned as I work on adding notes and then pictures. 4/10/2021 95327
collector007 CMANBB The end of the National Bank Note......1929 8/24/2018 6316
coinmaven coinmaven educational notes 8/23/2018 4261
Paulies 1992 COLLEGE TOWN. SCHOOLS OUT! 8/23/2018 1211
ddr70 Counting from 1 to n--fancy serial numbers on Nationals Let's see if I can count from 1 to 10! The first nine notes get you to 10. These are followed by Repeaters starting with Bessemer, AL SN V232323 and then a few special radars. Enjoy! 8/13/2023 18137
Anti_C17izen Dąbrowski 2/3/2023 151
Ducks Dakota Nationals North Dakota Nationals 8/24/2018 49219
ddr70 ddr70s First name banks and towns on Nationals First names make for a popular charter or town. Here's my collection from Adam to Wayne and Alexandria to Victoria. Note: all of my Warren notes may be found in their own signature set. 11/16/2021 15452
ddr70 ddr70s First through 10th Nationals New York and Philadelphia were the two cities that were creative enough to come up with the First through the Tenth National Banks. Next runner ups only made it to the Eighth NB. Dallas had a Ninth, but only a Fourth and a First preceding it. This set will feature notes in my collection from the First to the Tenth and then a few oddities that occurred through mergers that have given us banks that exist today like the Fifth Third Bank. 9/24/2020 40819
ddr70 ddr70s Lancaster County PA Nationals Lancaster County towns with national banks. Akron, Bainbridge, Blue Ball, Brownstone, Christiana, Columbia, Denver, Elizabethtown, Ephrata, Gap, Intercourse, Lancaster, Landisville, Lincoln, Lititz, Manheim, Marietta, Maytown, Millersville, Mount Joy, Mountville, New Holland, Quarryville, Strasburg, Terre Hill. 1/12/2021 558
ddr70 ddr70s nationals from towns with a biblical name Great theme for collecting PA notes! 10/1/2020 18117
ddr70 ddr70s Notes with MLD Multiple Levels of Demand I borrowed MLD from Doug Winters and rare date gold coins for this NBN signature set. Civil War gold would be a check as would a Southern mint mark (i.e. multiple levels of demand). For nationals, I must start with my favorite note because of its MLD check marks; I'll add more notes when I get a chance. 6/20/2020 1135
ddr70 DDR70s towns and banks with names involving water Guess I need to have my Watertown NY notes certified now. 5/12/2021 13313
DonAlex93 DonAlex93 - Disney Dollar PROOF Set My Walt Disney "Disney Dollar" PROOF Banknotes 12/15/2019 1291
DonAlex93 DonAlex93 - My US Error Notes My USA Banknotes with Errors 12/15/2019 1292
DonAlex93 DonAlex93 - My US Test Notes Test Notes from the USA 12/15/2019 1211
Douglas Conley Douglas Conley CCB Canadian Charter Banks 8/24/2018 1815
Bob4214 Dukiedog Collection 1/9/2021 561
Fady Nassif Egypt Specimen 8/22/2018 26010
Lamb7 English Paper Money Notes listed in English Paper Money 3/30/2023 553
Jitu Shah Fancy Number Sets Good Quality 8/22/2018 1166
ddr70 Farmers and National Banks My notes with Farmers in their title. All are The Farmers NB except for Bellaire, OH Ch. # (M)7327 as they teamed up with Merchants to form The Farmers and Merchants NB. 6/17/2021 15814
Navaneeth Federal Reserve Notes 9/6/2022 222
Brewhaus First 100 Charters for Series 1929 First 100 Charters for Series 1929 5/24/2022 2641
ddr70 Fourth Charter So-Called Series of 1902 2d bite Acts of July 12, 1882 and April 12, 1902 extended charters for existing banks for another 20 years ushering in the so-called 2d and 3rd charter periods, respectively. Really, banks only ever received one charter, so this is all mis-information--the banks received notes with different series designs. One stipulation of the Acts was that extended banks must issue 'distinctly different' notes. So expiration of a number of banks' charters around 1922 created the need for new plates with their latest charter date and current Treasury signatures combo (generally Speelman and White)and generally a slight variation in the placement of "of" in the title and that was sufficiently 'distinctly different' (Congress didn't define distinctly different, so any difference ought to have sufficed). That's what created a so-called 4th charter note (or series of 1902 second bite if you like). Treasury also restarted the bank serial numbers back to 1. The Act of July 1, 1922 extended lifetimes of all national banks for 99 years, thereby ending the need for new series to the chagrin of this collector. One prominent Pittsburgh bank seems to have escaped a 4th charter (2d bite) plate. Maybe treasury secretary Mellon had something to do with this or Pittsburgh 6301 didn't need any new notes in the summer of '22. 10/16/2020 654
ddr70 GPO and BEP plates and a place for Snyder Co. PA Also Notes with plates from either GPO or BEP (sorry BBS). Except my notes and scenes from Snyder County--a work in progress. Adamsburg, Beaver Springs, McClure, Middleburgh, Selins Grove or Selinsgrove, and Swineford. So far only Middleburgh $10 6/17/2021 9011
Navaneeth Guinea Portuguese Administration 9/25/2022 432
Kapimono Home is Where the Heart is Charles City Iowa National Bank Notes 10/20/2020 5734
L & L Coins Illinois National Currency Collection Random Illinois notes picked up over the years. 11/9/2019 31066
SREE RAAM GONELLA INDIAN NOTES [URL= icUserHome.aspx?PeopleID=127768][IMG]http://boards MG/user/127768/sig.jpg[/IMG][/URL] 8/22/2018 3211
Rizqan Indonesia 1/13/2023 141
Cody71086 Iowa Nationals by County This set will contain one note from each issuing county in Iowa. Adding to the challenge, some counties only have one bank of issue. 1/21/2021 94999
Cody71086 Iowa Nationals by Town: A-J This set will contain one note from each town of issue A-J. Several towns remain unreported adding to the challenge. 1/6/2021 1,109150
Cody71086 Iowa Nationals by Town: K-W This set will contain one note from each town of issue K-W. Several towns remain unreported adding to the challenge. 1/21/2021 832149
Cody71086 Iowa Nationals: Cedar County by Charter This set contains one note from each issuing charter as well as a large and small size note, when applicable, from Cedar County, Iowa.Enjoy! 8/28/2020 21213
July JULIO'S COLLECTIONS 8/23/2018 2461
TEBaughman large and small silver certificates silver certificates 8/23/2018 1421
tinsoldier Large Silver Certificates Art style and Age. 8/22/2018 1121
Lawrence Hubbard Lawrence Hubbard Ex Uncirculated Circulated from the 60’s silver certificates Red seal Green seal uncirculated Star notes 1/11/2020 9921
kiimee21 lawson-bouey 8/22/2018 3161
Sheik Sheck Los Angeles Ch # 2491 This is a complete set of large notes for the Los Angeles-First National Trust and Savings Bank. This set contains the ultra-rare $100 plain back, Fr. 705. There have been reports of only two of these notes in existence. 10/14/2019 1424
Leatherbacks mine 8/22/2018 1011
JOHNNY VEGAS My Complete Inventory Set Large & Small Notes 2/17/2019 1445
Mario G. Torres Seijo My First 30 My first 30 Notes 10/6/2021 375
cabsclassics My New Collection 12/19/2021 291
DRB59 National Banknotes of Northern California A collection of notes from Northern California. 3/9/2022 53615
ldillard National Notes 8/22/2018 2601
ddr70 Nationals 1902 Series by Fr. Number $5s through $20s by Fr. #. CAUTION: Copy this set and add all the FR numbers that you think you will need before adding notes and pictures. 6/27/2021 1,08780
ddr70 Nationals DDRs Rainbow Collection Towns and banks with color as part of their names. 10/5/2020 35718
Timmy3939 Nebraska Nationals by County Some Nebraska Counties are Extremely Tough and my only Feature a Handful of Notes. Some Counties In Nebraska are still undiscovered. 9/14/2019 15679
Timmy3939 Nebraska Nationals by Town: Adams to Polk Large & Small Size Nebraska Notes By Town Name Some of these Towns/Charters are undiscovered 1/16/2020 176150
Timmy3939 Nebraska Nationals by Town: Ponca to York 9/14/2019 14754
sby999 New York City National Bank Notes A set of National Bank notes from the 5 boroughs of New York City. 6/18/2023 3214
Declan Hurley New York State Ten Dollar National Banknotes Fine condition ten dollar notes from Buffalo and NYC. 8/22/2018 2592
Chander Shekhar Patney One Rupee Banknote of India 1917 3/2/2021 441
Allen Bailey OTHER 8/24/2018 2911
Allen Bailey PAPER CURRENCY 8/24/2018 40522
racinghy Paper Currency I own 8/22/2018 2321
ddr70 Peoples National Banks Peoples in the title of these national banks herein. This signature set compliments my Citizens set--really close, right? Peoples make up a significant number of national bank titles along with Citizens, Farmers, Planters, Mechanics, Drovers, Potters, Mariners, etc. Oddly, farmers frequently went into a banking venture with mechanics, but I haven't found Peoples working with Citizens. So far, only the People's NB of Ottawa, KS (on large nationals only) and the People's NB of Salem, NY found the need to add an apostrophe. 10/1/2020 1639
ddr70 Perry County Nationals Place to display notes from Perry County, PA and some scenes from post cards to show the small towns and their national banks. You can likely find just the notes on display in my competitive sets. 1/30/2021 31011
Sheik Sheck Pittsburgh CH #252 Complete Set All Nationals from a single bank. 10/14/2019 1696
tesserak Polish 11/14/2022 175
ddr70 Pre Star Large Size NBN Replacements and Small NBN Replacements Pre Star Large Size National Bank Notes may be identified based on the serial number fonts. No national bank note ever received a star to indicate a replacement. Of course Small NBNs were begun well after use of the star. This set is my effort to collect NBN replacements. 7/6/2023 40018
PSue random set name 11/13/2018 1071
Navaneeth Reserve Bank of India 9/6/2022 492
randps RS bills 8/22/2018 1013
KelleyCVG sadsd 8/24/2018 2303
MCrup1 Series 1902 NB Notes of New London, CT During most of my undergraduate career I lived in the downtown city section of New London, CT. Through my formal education I studied Mechanical Engineering, but ultimately earned degrees in Mathematics and Economics from the University of New Haven.

I'm always looking for large size issues from this town, Original Series through the Plain Backs. New London intrigues me because of its historical significance during the American Revolution and as an important port city between New York and Boston during the time of active whaling. New London also has beautiful waterfronts with breathtaking views of the Thames RIver, Long Island Sound and of Fishers Island, NY.
8/24/2018 4365
KelleyCVG Set 1 8/30/2018 1321
KelleyCVG Set 2 8/30/2018 1142
Brewhaus Set with town names from A to Z Set with town names from A to Z 5/24/2022 3226
Sheik Sheck Sheik's Nationals $5s through $20s by Fr. #. CAUTION: Copy this set and add all the FR numbers that you think you will need before adding notes and pictures. 3/22/2020 15474

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