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OwnerSet NameSet ThemeLast ModifiedViewsItems
Ali E. $2 SSFRN - Boston TEST 8/22/2018 1082
bjones801 $5 2009 FRN SF 8/23/2018 2561
mjsandov "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" Originally started by Boiler78 - this is my attempt at collecting the top 100 notes as ranked in the coffee table "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" by Bowers/Sundman. 8/23/2018 297100
BOILER78 100 Greatest American Notes My attempt at collecting the top 100 notes as ranked in the coffee table "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" by Bowers/Sundman. I know I will never be able to complete this set but for me the thrill of collecting is the chase so maybe that's a good thing. 8/24/2018 91437
L & L Coins 100 of the best known US notes Originally started by Boiler78 - this is L & L's attempt at collecting the top 100 notes as ranked in the coffee table "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" by Bowers/Sundman. 8/24/2018 535100
broccoli12 1899 Set One of each denomination from the series of 1899. 11/5/2021 153
Kev386 1971 Disney Recreation Coupons 2/24/2020 9336
ParadoxTremors A Collection of Notes 5/7/2020 5711
RAM-VT A little of this and a little of that I have acquired a few U.S. notes. There is no rhyme nor reason to this small accumulation but I do wish to share these notes with those who might find them interesting. 8/24/2018 1669
bjones801 All Auto's of Famous People $1 2001 FR San Fran 64 EPQ Choice Uncirculated Jay Leno w/ Self Caricature 8/22/2018 2281
africianqueen AMC-Japan 8/22/2018 2921
kimmergee America's Founding Fathers 2013 currency set $1 I20134116A
$2 I20134116D
8/22/2018 2171
since1965 Andrew's EPQ Small Size Dual Type Set EPQ set featuring one note each from $1 to $100 with seven different types of notes. 4/12/2021 377
rosenblumr Attempt at top 100 8/22/2018 365100
Wilfried Awsome so Old Exceptional Paper Quality 8/24/2018 3996
mozg69 Banknoty Niemieckich Wladz Okupacyjnych 1916-1918 9/29/2018 25618
mozg69 Banknoty Wydane Na Emigracji oraz WZORY Bank Issue Remainders 9/29/2020 62722
The Shanendoah Collection Bishops Storehouse Fractional Currency Mormon script currency used by the Mormon Church Welfare System known as the Bishops Storehouse. Church members would use this currency to purchase goods in the Bishops Storehouse. Today the Bishops Storehouses exist, but currency is no longer used. 8/22/2018 1014
Shawn Hewitt Black Eagle Pre-Star Replacement Notes A complete set of pre-star replacement notes in the Black Eagle series. See Paper Money - Vol. LIV, No. 3 - Whole No. 297 - May/June 2015 p. 178. 9/10/2019 4125
Mac TX Bmacs Misc Notes 8/22/2018 1001
BOILER78 Boiler Bucks Originally started by Boiler78 - this is my attempt at collecting the top 100 notes as ranked in the coffee table "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" by Bowers/Sundman. 8/24/2018 132100
way5rob BURKE/MCADOO DALLAS $50 8/22/2018 3511
Guo qi Chinese Coins and Paper Money Old and relatively new silver coins and good condition paper money. 8/22/2018 991
ChiWai ChiWai's Collection 8/22/2018 1878
Clericus Clericus Designs Plus Complete Continental Currency set with all fractional faceplates, and contemporary counterfeits and counterfeit detectors 9/7/2019 631
Pearl13 Colonial Pearls Excellent quality Colonial, Continental, or One off modern notes to appreciate and tell stories of history with 9/22/2021 284
combat-tracker Combat Tracker This is a type set containing an example of each note printed on the Alexander Hamilton Web-Fed Press from each Federal Reserve in series 1988A, 1993, and 1995. Each note grades 64 EPQ or higher. 8/24/2018 28712
FATBOY29 DDD 8/24/2018 1212
ddr70 DDR70s fun with solids, radars, rotators and repeaters My small collection of fancy serial numbers. 6/29/2021 47328
ddr70 DDR70's Offsets and Errors Highlights include an inverted back on a $10 Ty. 1 National from Sharon, PA, a 1977A $10 Offset in PMG 66, and a 1985 $20 Fr. 2075-B Inverted Overprint in PMG 64EPQ 9/7/2019 4928
Dave Hampton DIEU ET MON DROIT To obtain a complete set of the New Jersey Colonial Emissions 8/24/2018 172122
32notes Double Lucky Money Rare $2.00 note set 8/22/2018 3741
Esoteric Esoteric Large & Small Size Currency Collection of Large and Small Notes, including Errors 8/23/2018 21318
TBussey Famous Notes My TypeSet 8/22/2018 2881
A-Ashour Fificc 10/25/2021 141
fogie fogie's $3.00 Bills $3.00 Bills 8/23/2018 1398
Lola Winconek fractional cents .01 8/22/2018 2034
Iotaur Francis Measel collection 8/24/2018 14710
keith nower Friedburg number star set all star signature combinations of large size star notes 8/24/2018 17321
George Old Salt George & Shirley $2.00 Bills Set Try to make up a set of $2.00 Bill from all categories oldest to newest. 8/16/2022 018
R. M. Gordon Gordon Collection of $1 Type Notes by Friedberg Design Number A $1 type set by Friedberg Design Number 7/1/2021 2327
Hondo Henderson NC Set 8/23/2018 3834
rickcoltrane I've only just begun... (Large Size Set) 2/13/2022 178
jtbundy JB's George Washington Collecting a wide variety of currency topical to George Washington, and including fractional currency, obsolete notes and more modern issues. This set will be open ended and as I find unique pieces will add them to complement my other George Washington token and medal, and trading card collections. 11/9/2020 12651
John Kyle John W. Kyle's 8/24/2018 16012
rhonda bradley juanita bradley 8/22/2018 2531
KCkimbrough KCkimbrough Large Size Notes 6/13/2022 61
Mohammed m. Daghstani Kuwait 1980-1992 8/9/2019 841
L & L Coins L&L Mint Error Notes 8/5/2020 8514
drpete's Large Brownies "type set of 1880 legal tenders in large brown seals" 8/23/2018 4307
DavesOnlineCoin LARGE NOTES These bills are random buys from Ebay such as this 100,000 note copy layered in 100mg of 24K gold 11/20/2018 821 Large Size Star Notes Only large size star notes 8/22/2018 2374
L & L Coins Large size type notes Fields Collection 6/15/2019 12558
JDizzle117 Large Size Type Set Large Currency VF+ EPQ Type Set 3/15/2022 9718
drei3ree Legal Tender 8/22/2018 10310
Ricky L. Snyder LEGAL TENDERS 8/22/2018 18810
Fourweel Lockwood PMG Currency Set PMG currency in my collection. Everything is a PMG 66 EPQ or higher. I may add lower grade notes to this collection someday, but only if their particular grades are the highest given out by PMG for those notes. 8/24/2018 68010
ArabianCoins Collection Lucky 13 Collection A collection of US and world paper money with the serial number 00000013. 8/5/2020 120106
Matta5 MA's Randoms Old, New, and Obsolete 8/24/2018 10625
CaptBrian Modern U.S. Small Size District Set(s) District Sets. One note from each of the 12 districts. If has courtesy autograph its a highlight, not a different catagory. Can be from any era. 1/31/2019 10012
RyanWinkelman My collection 8/23/2018 1516
Lelandvc My Favorite Artists Masterful Engraving on the large Notes Sets the Beautiful Scenes on U.S.Notes for a Young Country 8/22/2018 2311
Mungam My Inventory 8/24/2018 43551
crabrahut My notes Favorites 8/22/2018 2644
Judea, Coins used in the Land of Israel Notes used by Jews in World War 2 1/15/2021 2621
goldbug Obsolete 5/11/2020 321
COLIN1946 Operation Bernhard Notes from Sachsenhausen 8/24/2018 3454
RomanRepublic89 PMG Notes 9/23/2019 9116
Nikstr65 Post Notes 1810's Post Notes from 1800's from the State of Kentucky 8/24/2018 901
K.Alhashemi Pre UAE to today All notes that were circulated in the pre UAE to Current days 10/5/2021 12140
Dixie Boy PRIMO Coram Denomination Set A choice complete denomination set of Thomas Coram engraved S.C.1779 colonial notes. 8/24/2018 1427
Fresco's Remainders and Odd Ball Bills Bank Issue Remainders 8/23/2018 2661
rtpjr RTP's Error Notes 8/23/2018 3491
SamD Sammie's Paper 8/22/2018 24815
Mohammed m. Daghstani Saudi Arabia - King saud 8/12/2019 812
PMG EXHIBIT Selections from the Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer Collection ** 2015 ANA Exhibit ** 8/24/2018 25112
Norman Watson sell 8/23/2018 3937
Dave Hampton Set for March 25, 1776 Quality Notes of all the denominations from the Colonial New Jersey Issue of March 25, 1776. 8/24/2018 1529
Gary Colon Set of Ten 1907 - 1922 Large Gold Certificates 8/22/2018 2241
Shalako Shalako 's Lowball Silver Set Collecting lowest grade notes. 5/6/2019 1509
Roy Tegtow Silver Cert 1896 Silver Cert $5 education 8/22/2018 931
Lola Winconek Small cent 1909- present Later 8/22/2018 1951
Lola Winconek Small cents .01 Indian Head !859-1909 8/22/2018 21320
Smurfdaddy Smurf's Notes 12/23/2020 416
adrian123456 South Africa Specimen Set 1921-Date Specimen Notes of the highest grade possible. These notes are scarce, but may sometimes be found in excellent condition. Some are production specimens (s), others color trial specimens (cts). Replacement Note Specimens are also included (s * ). 11/14/2020 102125
austock Spare and Special US Notes 4/27/2019 1405
rtpjr Specimen and Test 8/5/2020 671
Elliott Coss Spring Valey Hoard Over 80 colonial notes from many states & times periods 2/3/2022 111
Hvactom Star $1 1917 EPQ STAR NOTE 1/24/2022 101
EJ3312 Star Notes of many Different Denominations Modern Era Star note collection with Exceptional paper Quality all certified and graded by PMG sometimes in consecutive sequence. 8/24/2018 31120
bluedragon star wars set 6 silver foil 6/20/2021 276
Corey Fisher Stars And Errors 8/22/2018 2871
Kelley Still Testing Set 8/22/2018 2641
Muzzer42 Test Bank Notes Collections of Test Notes from Various Banks & Paper Companies from around the world. Including Money Art Notes & Special Fantasy Selections. 4/2/2022 114113
Ali E. Test Set 12/28/2018 905

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